The Perfect Pair of Black Skinnies


Hey all! How’s everyone surviving the cold?! It’s been freezing, even in Central Florida!

The focus on today’s outfit is the perfect pair of black Skinnies. For me, black skinnies are an absolute winter essential. You want to find a pair with enough stretch to give you comfort and flatter your shape, but not so much stretch that they are falling down midday (you know what I’m talking about!).

For something you will wear repeatedly throughout the cold months, you ideally want to find a pair that has something unique and stylish about them to keep your wardrobe fresh and fun.

These ponte pants by Tart Collections have amazing mesh cutout details at the knee, subtle enough that you can still pair them with, well, pretty much anything. The stylish details of these pants are what gives them a unique and updated look. The fit is what makes them perfect! They have just the right amount of stretch, like that of which I previously mentioned, along with a very flattering high waist (the waistline hits just above the naval). It’s also worth mentioning how incredibly comfortable they are!

As I said previously, you can’t go wrong with what you pair these pants with, but I decided to pair them with a simple colorblock sweater. The simplicity emphasizes the cute cutouts, and creates a chic monochrome look.

Thanks so much for visiting! Be sure to stay warm, and please, stop by again!

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Pants: Tart Collections – Sweater: Tart Collections – Booties: Tory Burch


Love, Dada Heather

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