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Happy Friday my friends! I recently had the opportunity to interview fellow blogger, Lisa Opie! Lisa runs a super awesome blog called Lady Code, covering everything from fashion, to beauty, to travel. The multi-talented blogger is also the designer behind the swimwear line Vizcaya Swimwear ! We talked about everything from how to think like a business woman to Lisa’s current must have beauty products. I hope you enjoy loves!

Bio: Lisa Opie is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Vizcaya Swimwear, Founder of the women’s wellness platform, Lady Code. Lisa also is a fashion columnist for Crowned Pageantry Magazine and a host of the pageant-based channel, PageantLIVE. In her free time, Lisa enjoys traveling, shopping, all things beauty & makeup, and spending time in the sun.

Tell us about Lady Code: Lady Code started out as an anti-bullying platform focused on women, but over time it transformed to a blog that embraces all things related to women’s wellness and empowerment. Today, we feature articles on everything from travel, to makeup, to fashion, motivation, health & fitness, and celebrity interviews. Consider it a one-stop blog for all things female!

What inspired you to create Lady Code? I was a victim of bullying in middle school and high school. It affected who I am today in so many ways. I was ashamed of being a victim of bullying, but I knew that I had to share my story and use my social media platform inspire other victims and spread awareness of the effects of bullying. My bullying story will always be on Lady Code and we will always actively be sharing advice on how to overcome bullying, but Lady Code has transformed into something bigger now!

Do you have a favorite blogger? If so, who? For beauty I love Huda Kattan! For fashion, Barbie Beth

How would you describe your own personal style? This one is tough! I’m fashion bi-polar. Sometimes I am in the mood to be a girly, pinked-out glam girl, and other days I dress like I’m going to Coachella…and then there are also days when I dress like I should have a tongue piercing and tattoos. I really just have fun with it. I wear wigs on a regular basis to change my look completely. Fashion to me is the ability to play dress up every day and express yourself!

Who is your “style icon”? I’m obsessing over Alisa Ueno right now

What is your current favorite fashion trend? Everything! I’m so happy to see the 90’s making a comeback. I’m loving chokers, lace ups, and matte lips.

You have your own swimwear line, Vizcaya Swimwear, how did you get started? It was totally unplanned. In 2012, I competed in Miss United States. I was a college student so money was tight and I actually didn’t have the money for a nice competition suit so I decided to sew my own on my mom’s sewing machine. The swimsuit was a hit and I placed in the Top 5, which really put me on the radar. The national staff, my fellow contestants, and the judges all encouraged me so much to start a line and I decided to start making custom suits for my friends. It got to the point where I saw a business opportunity so I partnered with Franz Orban to incorporate a swimwear line. Vizcaya is the street that I lived on when I lived in Spain, so I chose that name for my brand.

What advice would you give to other business-minded women trying to create a brand? Never give up! It’s going to be TOUGH starting out. People will laugh at you, money will be tight, and you will hear a lot of people say “no.” Just tough it out and I promise it’ll be worth it in the end.

What are your favorite swimwear trends this season? Lace ups! Anything that laces up is fire right now.

You must be a busy girl! How do you stay looking gorgeous? Water is my beauty secret. I try to drink about 2/3 a gallon every day. It keeps me looking refreshed, well rested, and detoxified. Eyelash extensions are also a must for me for my busier seasons.

If you were stranded on an island and could only have three beauty products/makeup items, what would they be? Watts Up! By Benefit to strobe my face (I can contour my lips with this too) the highlight on that stick is so intense I might be able to reflect the sun with it on my face too to flag down airplanes and boats to save me….haha, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (waterproof lol), and my IT Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil.

What is your favorite new beauty product? Lilly Lashes in the style “Caviar”

Who in your life has inspired you the most? Everyone that has ever told me I couldn’t. I went out of my way to prove them wrong and found success.

What are some of your goals for the future? I love makeup so much and I definitely want to perfect my craft and become certified! I’ll be attending Mario Dedivanovic’s (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist) Master Class in May, and I’ll be certified after I complete that course. I can’t wait to learn his techniques and I hope to be a celebrity makeup artist in the future…when I’m not busy designing swimwear and blogging of course!

Do you have any current or upcoming projects that you’d like to share? I wish I could share them! I’m in the process of finalizing some amazing partnerships for Vizcaya Swimwear. One thing I am working on right now is a all-pageant collection for Vizcaya Swimwear, which will be stage-ready swimwear that is super unique! I’m pulling in all of my experience as a pageant contestant, host, judge, and director to make the perfect competition suits!

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Check out my suits: You can use code ‘LOVEDADA’ for 15% off and free shipping. Keep up with me:


Instagram: @Lisa_Opie

Snapchat: lisalopie



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Love, Dada Heather

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